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Jazz Call Packages-code Daily, Weekly & Monthly


In this article, we discussed Daily, Weekly and Monthly call packages of Jazz Network. Jazz network is NO 1 network of Pakistan telecommunication and its user worth increases day by day. In Pakistan out of 90/100 public use jazz networks for call, entertainment, and business.

 Jazz network is the most popular network in Pakistan because its speed is high and its signal power is best. It has 24 hour customer support for all jazz sim subscribers. If we look in our past day that time jazz always one of the best network and now it improving his frequency day by day.

Jazz Daily Call Packages & Codes

Jazz also brings an offer for those who do not afford monthly and weekly jazz call subscriptions. Hourly and daily packages are the best opportunity for them to contact their family, friends and love.

Jazz WhatsApp packages 2024 – Daily, Weekly, & Monthly

Package NameJazz Super Plus Offer
PriceRs: 35(including taxes)
Minutes and SMS500 On-Net-Minutes, 500 SMS
Subscription Code*558#
Mbs500 Mbs

Daily Day Bundle

Package NameDaily Day Bundle
Minutes300 Jazz Minutes
Validity1 Day (24 hours)
Subscription Code*340#

Jazz Weekly Call Packages

These packages are ideal for users who find daily subscriptions inconvenient but don’t need a month-long commitment. They offer a generous amount of minutes to meet moderate calling needs throughout the week.

Lajawab Haftawar Offer

Package NameLajawab Haftawar Offer
Minutes3000 Jazz Minutes + 30 other network minutes
Mbs3GB(3000 mbs)
Price130 rs (including taxes)
Subscription Code*565#
Status Check Code*565*2#
Valid CitiesMandi Bahaudin, Phalia, Dera Ghazi Khan, Jampur, Rajanpur, Dajal, Rojhan, Taunsa, Jhang
Validity7 Days

Chenab Plus Haftawar Offer

Package NameChenab Plus Haftawar Offer
Minutes1000 Jazz minutes + 100 other network minutes
PriceRs: 174(including taxes)
Subscription Code*764#
Valid CitiesChiniot, Rabwa, Laliyan, Bahuwana, Jamiabad, Jhok Khalra, Mathruma, Darul Sadr, Ahmed Nagar, Chenab Nagar, Kot syed jalal.
Validity7 Days

Weekly Super Plus

Package NameWeekly Super Plus
Minutes1000 Jazz minutes + 120 other network minutes.
Mbs10Gb (10000 Mbs)
SmS1000 sms
PriceRs: 390(including taxes)
Subscription Code*505#
Status Check Code*505*2#
Validity7 Days

Weekly Super Max

Package NameWeekly Super Max
Minutes1000 Jazz minutes and 150 other network minutes
Mbs30GB(30000 Mbs)
PriceRs: 460(including taxes)
Subscription Code*506#
Status Check Code*506*2#
Validity7 days

Haftawar All Rounder Offer

Package NameHaftawar All Rounder Offer
Minutes1000 Jazz minutes + 50 other network minutes
SmS1000 sms
PriceRs:150(including taxes)
Subscription Code*747#
Status Check Code*747*2#
Validity7 Days

Weekly Freedom Offer

Package NameWeekly Freedom Offer
Minutes1000 Jazz Minutes + 300 other network minutes
Mbs50GB(50000 MBs)
PriceRs:478(including taxes)
Subscription Code*737#
Status Check Code*734*2#
Validity7 Days

Super Sim Offer

Package NameSuper Sim Offer
Minutes600 Jazz Minutes + 30 other network minutes
SmS600 sms
PriceRs:78(including taxes)
Subscription Code*476#
Status Check Code*476*2#
Validity7 Days
Offer ValidOffer available for 3 months after the purchase of a new sim.

Jazz Weekly All Network Package

Package NameJazz Weekly all Network
Minutes1000 Jazz minutes and 90 other network minutes
Mbs3GB(3000 MBs)
PriceRs: 206(including taxes)
Subscription Code*700#
Status Check Code*700*2#
Validity7 Days

Jazz Monthly Call Packages

Jazz monthly call packages are designed for heavy users, such as professionals and family households. These plans are the most comprehensive, providing the highest number of minutes at competitive prices. They are perfect for those who want hassle-free connectivity throughout the month without needing frequent renewals.

Jazz 2 Hour Call Package With Code and Details[2024]

Jazz Monthly/Mahana Bachat Offer

Package NameJazz Monthly/Mahana Bachat Offer
Minutes300 Jazz minutes _ + 50 other network minutes
Mbs6GB(6000 MBs)
PriceRs: 304(including taxes)
Subscription Code*614#
Status Check Code*614#
Validity30 Days
jazz call packages
Package NameSuper Mahana Offer
Minutes5000 Jazz minutes + 150 other network minutes
Mbs10GB(10000 MBs)
PriceRs: 652(including taxes)
Subscription Code*529#
Status Check Code*529*2#
Validity30 Days
Package NameJazz Monthly Freedom
Minutes3000 Jazz minutes + 750 other network minutes
Mbs100GB(100000 mbs)
PriceRs:1652 (including taxes)
Subscription Code*733#
Status Check Code*733*2#
Validity30 Days

Jazz Call and SMS Rates

For users who don’t want a bundle, Jazz offers standard rates. Calls are PKR 3.5 per minute, and SMS are PKR 2.5 each. This pay-as-you-go option provides flexibility for occasional use.

Jazz International Call and SMS Rates

Jazz also offers great rates for international calls and SMS. International SMS cost only Rs. 11.95 (including tax). These rates make it affordable to stay in touch with family, friends, and business contacts around the world.

How to Subscribe to Jazz Call Packages

To subscribe to any package, dial the subscription code provided with each offer in the table. Ensure you have enough balance for the package.


Jazz call packages offer a wide range of options to meet various calling needs, from daily to monthly plans, including special rates for other networks and international calls. This article provides details on the features and subscription methods, helping users choose the best plan for their communication needs, ensuring they stay connected conveniently and affordably.

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