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Jazz Daily, Weekly and Monthly YouTube Packages[2024]

I will provide all the information you need about Jazz Daily, Weekly and Monthly YouTube Packages in 2024 with Activation Codes and other details. let start

Jazz Daily YouTube Package

Jazz daily YouTube packages are tailored for users who require short-term, intensive access to YouTube.

Package NameJazz Daily YouTube and Social
Mbs1.5 GB (Youtube, Whatsapp and Facebook)
Price27 rs(including taxes)
Subscription Code*968#
Validity24 hours/ 1 Day

Jazz Weekly YouTube Package

This package is designed to cater to medium-term users who need consistent access throughout the week.

Packages NameJazz Weekly Youtube and Social
Mbs5 GB (YouTube, WhatsApp, IMO and Facebook)
Subscription Code*660#
Validity7 Days

Jazz Monthly YouTube Package

The Jazz Monthly YouTube Package is the most comprehensive offering, specifically designed for heavy users and families who enjoy gathering together to watch their favorite shows and channels.

Package NameJazz Monthly Social and Youtube Offer
Mbs15GB(YouTube,Whatsapp and Facebook)
Subscription Code*620#
Minutes300 Jazz Minutes and 50 other Network Minutes
Validity30 Days

How to Subscribe to Jazz YouTube Packages?

To subscribe to Jazz YouTube Packages dial the subscription code provided above for each package.

To learn about Jazz call packages click the link below

Jazz Call Packages-code Daily, Weekly & Monthly

jazz youtube packages

Terms and Conditions for YouTube Packages:

1. **General Terms**: These terms supplement the general terms and conditions approved by the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) and agreed upon by the customer at the time of SIM/connection activation.

2. **Changes and Pricing**: Jazz reserves the right to modify, withdraw, or adjust prices for any offer/package/bundle at any time, as per PTA regulations, which may require prior notification to affected customers.

3. **Taxes and Charges**: Prices for all offers/packages/bundles are subject to applicable taxes, regardless of where in the country the service is activated or used.

4. **Data Volume**: Opening or accessing applications/websites may reserve a portion of your data package. Multiple simultaneous accesses can use up all the allocated data, after which standard rates apply.

5. **Payment and Rounding**: The required balance for bundles is rounded up to the nearest whole number. Late payments will incur a fee of PKR 50.

6. **Unsolicited Communications**: Unwanted messages can be reported to 9000. Using a SIM not registered in your name is illegal. Dial 420 to block unsolicited calls/messages. Subscribe to a free “Do Not Call Register” by texting “ON” or “SUB” to 3627.

7. **SIM Ownership and Usage**: The SIM remains the property of PMCL. Customers have usage rights only and must return the SIM if they discontinue service, terminate the agreement, or change networks via MNP.

8. **Billing and Subscription**: Postpaid bill dates are set for the 2nd of each month. Bundles do not auto-renew and must be manually resubscribed upon expiry. Subscription and consumption of internet bundles are viable in 2G/3G/4G network areas.

9. **Internet and Charges**: Standard internet speed varies by multiple factors. Non-bundled internet usage is charged at Rs. 5/MB, with a charging pulse of 512 KB. Overusage is charged at Rs.2/MB.

10. **Customer Support**: For queries or complaints, contact customer care at [email protected].

11. **Geographic Availability**: Offers may not be available nationwide and can be limited to certain areas or subscriber groups.

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