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Jazz Daily, Weekly and Monthly TikTok Packages With Code [2024]

In this article you’ll find everything you need to know about Jazz TikTok Packages With Subscription code and Other important details.

Jazz Daily TikTok Packages

For users who prefer not to commit to long-term data plans, Jazz offers Daily TikTok Packages, designed to meet the immediate needs of TikTok enthusiasts.

Jazz Daily Smart Package

Package NameJazz Daily Smart Package
PriceRs: 5
MBs30 Mbs
Validity1 Day
Subscription Code*114*5#
Status Check Code114*5*2#
jazz tiktok packages

Jazz Daily 50 Mb TikTok Package

Package NameDaily 50 Mbs TikTik Package
PriceRs: 15 (including taxes)
MBs50 Mbs
Validity1 Day
Subscription Code*111*7#
Status Check Code*111*7*2#

Jazz Weekly Tiktok Packages

Jazz also provides Weekly TikTok Packages for those who seek a longer duration of connectivity to TikTok without the daily renewal hassle.

Jazz Weekly TikTok Package

Package NameWeekly TikTok Package
Validity7 Days (one week)
PriceRs. 50 Including taxes
Mbs2500 MB ( 2.5 GB) for TikTok use only
Subscribe Code**117*14#
Remaining MBs Status Check code*117*14*2#

 Jazz Weekly Smart Social TikTok Package

Package NameWeekly Smart Social Bucket
Validity7 Days (one week)
PriceRs. 75 (Including taxes)
Mbs700 MB TikTok use only
Subscribe Code**117*7#
Status Check Code*117*7*2#

Jazz Monthly TikTok Package

For the ultimate TikTok enthusiasts who demand consistent and extensive data volume, the Jazz Monthly TikTok Package stands out. This package is designed to cater to heavy users, providing ample data to explore, create, and share content on TikTok throughout the month without any worry about data exhaustion.

Package NameJazz Monthly TikTok Package
Mbs5GB TikTok( 5000 MBs)
Subscription Code*891#
Validity30 Days

How To Subscribe To Jazz TikTok Packages?

To subscribe to a Jazz TikTok Package Dial the Subscription code for the package you want to activate. Subscription  Code for daily, weekly and monthly Packages are provided above.

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