jazz pubg game packages, daily, weekly, and monthly

Jazz Pubg Packages With Code And Details [2024]

Playing mobile games has become a popular way to pass the time, with Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) becoming a global popularity among players. Everything you need to know about Jazz Pubg Packages With Code and Complete Details is included in this post.

Jazz Daily Pubg Packages

For gamers looking to dive into the world of PUBG without a long-term commitment, Jazz offers daily packages that provide ample data to enjoy the game for a day.

Package Name Jazz Daily Pubg Packages
Mbs1 GB
Subscription Code117*4#
jazz pubg game packages, daily, weekly, and monthly

Jazz Night Pubg Package

Understanding the unique habits of gamers who prefer playing at night, Jazz has introduced a special night package for PUBG.

Jazz Daily, Weekly and Monthly TikTok Packages With Code [2024]

Package NameJazz Night Pubg Package
Mbs2 GB
PriceRs: 15
Subscription Code*757#
Validity12 Am to 12 Pm

Jazz Weekly Pubg Package

For those who play PUBG more frequently, Jazz provides a weekly bundle designed to accommodate longer game sessions. For frequent gamers seeking a dependable and consistent gameplay experience, the weekly PUBG bundle is a great option.

Package NameJazz Weekly Pugb Package
Mbs3GB(2500 Mbs Pubg, 500Mb all)
Pricers :60 (Including taxes)
Status Check Code*670*2#
Subscription Code*670#
Validity7 Days

How To Subscribe To Jazz Pubg Packages

To subscribe to Jazz Pubg Packages Dial the subscription code provided above. And wait for confirmation message.

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