jazz call forwarding and divert service

Jazz Call Forwarding Service Code [2024] Complete Details.

here i tell you the specifics call forwarding services, provide you with a complete comprehensive guide for 2024

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Activate call forwarding or call divert for Jazz

Activate call divert for Jazz dial the Jazz call divert code **21* followed by the number you wish to forward calls to, and then #.

Like this **21*03458383839#.

How to activate Jazz call divert online?

You can’t activate this service online at moment. But you don’t have to you can subscribe to this service easily by following the instructions given above

Note: Apart from Jazz many other telecommunication organizations in Pakistan including Telenor and Zong offer Call divert Service.

jazz call forwarding and divert service

Deactivate/cancel Jazz call divert service

To deactivate or to cancel Jazz call divert service dial the Jazz call divert deactivation code #21## on your phone.

Service NameActivation CodeDeactivation Code
Jazz Call divert**21*number#**21#

Cost of Jazz call divert service

Jazz provide this service free of cost not need to pay money, but the call charges are based on your usage.

What is call divert or call forwarding?

Call divert, also known as call forwarding, is a telecommunications feature that allows you to redirect incoming calls to another destination. This destination can be another phone number, voicemail, or any other specified number. This feature proves invaluable in situations where you are unable to answer your phone but still want to ensure that important calls are not missed.

Difference Between Call divert or call forwarding?

The terms “call diverting” and “call forwarding” are often used interchangeably, but they essentially refer to the same feature. Both involve redirecting calls to another number or destination. The distinction, if any, may vary based on regional terminology or specific telecommunication providers.

Terms & Conditions for Call divert service

Here are the general terms and conditions of Jazz:

  1. General Terms:
    • These rules are extra ones to the main rules approved by PTA and agreed upon by you when you activated your connection/SIM.
  2. Jazz’s Rights:
    • Jazz can decide or change the price of any offer/package/bundle whenever they want. They can also take away or change these offers/packages/bundles at any time. If PTA’s rules say so, they will tell you beforehand.
  3. Offer Prices and Taxes:
    • The cost of each offer/package/bundle may include taxes, no matter where in the country you use it.
  4. Charging for Data Use:
    • Using apps or websites on your device may use up some of the data in your package. Opening multiple things at once might use up all your data and charge you at the standard rate.
  5. Balance Rounding:
    • If you buy a bundle, the amount needed might be rounded up to the nearest whole number.
  6. Contacting Jazz:
  7. Reporting Unwanted Messages:
    • If you get unwanted messages, you can report them by texting the sender’s number and message to 9000.
  8. Using Your SIM:
    • You should only use a SIM that’s in your name. Letting others use your SIM is against the rules.
  9. Blocking Calls/Messages:
    • Dial 420 to stop unwanted calls/messages. Charges may apply.
  10. Do Not Call Register:
    • You can stop marketing calls for free by texting “ON” or “SUB” to 3627.
  11. SIM Ownership:
    • When you buy a SIM, you’re just getting the right to use it, not owning it. If you stop using it or switch networks, you need to return it to Jazz.
  12. Postpaid Bill Date Change:
    • For postpaid users, the bill date will be the 2nd of every month in 2021. You might get a separate bill for days in the execution month, and charges will be adjusted accordingly.
  13. Taxes and Charges:
    • Different taxes apply on recharges and usage. For example, there’s a 15% advance income tax, a 16% sales tax in Islamabad, a 19.5% sales tax in the rest of Pakistan and AJK, and GB is exempted from taxes.
  14. Late Payment Fee:
    • If you don’t pay your bill on time, a late payment fee of PKR 50 will be charged.

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