jazz sms packages. daily, weekly, and monthly

In this article, we’ll explore the details of Jazz’s Daily, Weekly, and Monthly SMS packages, helping you decide which one might be right for you.

Jazz Daily SMS Packages

Jazz has got you covered with daily SMS packages if you’re looking for a quick fix for texting. They’re great for folks who don’t use SMS every day but might need it once in a while.

Daily Punjab Offer

Package NameDaily Punjab Offer
PriceRs: 12 (including taxes)
Mbs and Calls250Mbs and Unlimited Jazz Calls
Subscription Code*6000#
Status Check Code*6000*2#
ValidityTill midnet
Valid Cities for the offerAlipur Chatha, Chawinda, Chiniot/Rabwa, Dinga, Gujranwala, Hafizabad, Jalaour Bhattian, Malakwal Mandi, Pasrur , Phalia
jazz sms packages. daily, weekly, and monthly

Jazz Kp Daily Offer

Package NameKp Daily Offer
PriceRs: 50
Mbs and Calls1000 Mbs + Unlimited Jazz Minutes
Subscription Code*291#
Status Check Code*291*2#
ValidityTill Midnight

Jazz Call Packages-code Daily, Weekly & Monthly

Jazz Sindh Daily Offer

Package NameJazz Sindh Daily Offer
PriceRs: 30 (including taxes)
Mbs and Calls1000 Mbs and Unlimited Jazz Minutes
Subscription Code*522#
Status Check Code*522*2#
ValidityTill Midnight

Jazz Weekly SMS packages

Weekly SMS packages are perfect for people who don’t want to subscribe for a service every single day but still need more texting than what daily packages provide.

Jazz Weekly SMS and WhatsApp bundle

Package NameWeekly SMS and WhatsApp bundle
PriceRs: 34(including taxes)
Subscription Code*101*1*07#
Status Check Code*101*2*07#
Validity7 days

Jazz Weekly all Network

Package NameJazz Weekly all Network
Minutes1000 Jazz minutes and 90 other network minutes
Mbs3GB(3000 MBs)
PriceRs: 206(including taxes)
Subscription Code*700#
Status Check Code*700*2#
Validity7 Days

Jazz Haftawar All Rounder Offer

Package NameHaftawar All Rounder Offer
Minutes1000 Jazz minutes + 50 other network minutes
SmS1000 sms
PriceRs:150(including taxes)
Subscription Code*747#
Status Check Code*747*2#
Validity7 Days

Jazz Monthly SMS Packages

For users who prefer not to worry about frequent renewals and need a long-term solution, Jazz’s monthly SMS packages provide peace of mind with a one-time subscription fee covering the whole month

Jazz Monthly Social Plus

Package NameMonthly Social plus
Minutes300 Jazz minutes and 50 other network minutes
Mbs10 GB(Whatsapp, Facebook and Tamasha)
Subscription Code*617#
Status Check Code*617*2#

Jazz Super Mahana Offer

Package NameSuper Mahana Offer
Minutes5000 Jazz minutes + 150 other network minutes
Mbs10GB(10000 MBs)
PriceRs: 652(including taxes)
Subscription Code*529#
Status Check Code*529*2#
Validity30 Days

Jazz Monthly Bachat Offer

Package NameJazz Monthly Bachat Offer
Minutes300 Jazz Minute and 50 other network minutes
Mbs6GB(whatsapp, IMO, Tamasha)
PriceRs: 304(including taxes)
Subscription Code*614#
Status Check Code*614*2#
Validity30 Days

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