Telenor call packages daily, weekly, and monthly

Telenor Daily, Weekly, and Monthly Call Packages & Cod

Telenor offers call packages on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis, so there’s something for everyone. We’ll look over some of the most well-liked Telenor call packages in this post so you can pick the best one for your communication requirements.

Jazz Daily and Hourly Call packages

Telenor’s daily and hourly call packages are ideal for users who need short-term calling solutions with added data benefits. Here are some of the best options available:

Telenor Good Time Offer

Package/Offer NameTelenor Good Time Offer
Minutes2 hours telenor to telenor
Mbs250 Mbs (facebook)
PriceRs: 6 (including taxes)
Validity2 Hours
Subscription Code*345*20#

Telenor Super Load Offer

To avail this offer dial *5*100# before a recharge of 100 rupees.

Package/Offer NameTelenor Super Load Offer
Minutes20 minutes for any network
Validity1 Day
Subscription Code5*100#

Telenor Full Day Offer

Packages/Offer NameTelenor Full Day Offer
MinutesUnlimited Telenor to Telenor
Mbs50 Internet and 100 WhatsApp Mbs
PriceRs: 13(including taxes)
Validity1 Day
Subscription Code*5*250#
Telenor call packages daily, weekly, and monthly
Telenor call packages daily, weekly, and monthly

Telenor Weekly Call Packages

For those who prefer weekly plans, Telenor offers several packages that provide ample minutes and data for an entire week.

How to Convert Telenor Sim to Jazz?

Free First Caller Offer

Dial *888# and your first call of the day is free for a week.

Package/Offer NameFree First Caller Offer
MinutesFirst call of the day is free.
PriceRs: 5(including taxes)
Validity7 Days
Subscription Code*888#

 Weekly Voice Lite

Package/Offer NameWeekly Voice Lite
Minutes140 minutes(20 minute per day)
PriceRs: 25(including taxes)
Validity7 Days
Subscription Code*345*54#

Haftawar Chappar Phaar Offer

Package/Offer NameHaftawar Chappar Phaar Offer
Minutes1500 minutes
MbsInternet 50mbs + 350Mbs
PriceRs: 120 (including taxes)
Validity7 Days
Subscription Code*5*700#

Haftawar Sahulat Offer

Package/Offer NameTelenor Haftawar Sahulat Offer
Minutes1000 Onnet and 70 Offnet minutes
Mbs50 Internet and 350 Social Mbs
PriceRs: 120 (including taxes)
Validity7 Days
Subscription Code*5*7#

Sahulat Mini Offer

Package/Offer NameTelenor Sahulat Mini Offer
Minutes200 Onnet and 20 Offnet Minutes
Mbs100 Internet Mbs + 200 Mbs for whatsApp and Twitter
PriceRs:75 (including taxes)
Validity7 Days
Subscription Code*170#

Telenor Monthly Call Packages

For users looking for long-term value, Telenor’s monthly call packages offer extensive minutes, SMS, and data allowances.

Package/Offer NameMonthly EasyCard 750
Minutes3500 Onnet and 200 Offnet Minutes
Mbs8GB Internet + 8GB(1am-9am)
PriceRs: 780(including taxes)
Subscription Code*345*19#
Validity30 Days

Monthly EasyCard 850

Package/Offer NameMonthly EasyCard 850
Minutes5000 Onnet and 400 other network minutes
Mbs12GB + 12GB(1am-9am)
PriceRs: 780(including taxes)
Subscription Code*80#
Validity30 Days

Monthly EasyCard 1000

Package/Offer NameTelenor EasyCard 1000
Minutes7000 Onnet and 600 Offnet
Mbs18GB + 18GB(1am-9am)
PriceRS: 950(including taxes)
Subscription Code*248#
Validity30 Days

Monthly First Call Free Offer

Dial *326# and your first call of the day is free for a month.

Package/Offer NameMonthly First Free Call Offer
MinutesFirst call of the day is free for a month.
PriceRs: 10(including taxes)
Subscription Code*326#
Validity30 Days

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