Jazz Daily Internet Packages All 3G 4G Data Bundles

Get the amazing offers on Jazz Internet Packages 3G 4G net bundles. Choose which internet offer is best for you. Getting a right package for all your needs is hard but you can choose best daily net package code here easily. All 3G 4G internet packages of Mobilink are listed here and updated almost immediately after any changes announced by company.

Mobilink also known as Jazz is Pakistan’s biggest telecom operator. Mobilink was the brand name of Pakistan Mobile Communications Limited (PMCL), a mobile service provider in Pakistan that offered a variety of prepaid and postpaid voice and data communications services to both private users and companies. Warid Pakistan and Mobilink combined to establish Jazz in 2017, which is now the name of the business. Mobilink had its headquarters in Islamabad, and Aamir Ibrahim served as the company’s penultimate president and CEO before rising to lead Jazz.

Best Jazz Daily Internet Packages 3G 4G Net Bundles:

Jazz offers a lot of good internet packages, here at IPG we will list all available offers. Jazz also offers location based offers which some time confuse users, if they are for there region. Some website do not mention them clearly. So when customers subscribe that particular offer they receive a message that offer is subscribe but they can not use the offer as this is not valid for their city. We we try to mention it first for which city it is available to save our readers from any balance loss.

Jazz WhatsApp Offer

In this package Jazz customer will get 65 MBs for 1 day in Just 1.5 rupees. This is best for people who just needed to check WhatsApp messages.

How to Subscribe Jazz WhatsApp Offer: To subscribe this offer dial *225# . To check the status of remaining MBs dial *225*2#.

Jazz Daily Mega Offer

With Daily Mega offer Jazz customers can get 1024 MBs of data for 1 day in just 35 rupees.

How to Subscribe Jazz Daily Mega Offer:  Jazz customer can subscribe this offer by dialing this code *117*4#. To check the status of remaining MBs in Jazz Daily Mega Offer dial *117*4*2#

Jazz Daily YouTube & Social Offer

This Jazz social bundle offer will provide 1.5 GB data to be utilized for Whatsapp, Facebook and YouTube in just 23 rupees, valid for One day . This is a good offer if you are interested in browsing three major social channels.

How to subscribe Jazz Social Bundle : The subscription code for Jazz social bundle is *968#. Dial *968*2# to check remaining MBs of your data package.

Jazz Daily Extreme Offer

With Jazz Daily Extreme Offer, customers will get 2 Gb data. The data can be utilized between (12 AM to 12 PM). Yes it is one day offer. Charges for this package are 18 rupees.

How to subscribe Jazz daily Extreme Offer: subscription code for Jazz daily extreme offer is *757# . To check remaining MBs status you can dial *757*2#.

Pro Tip: Jazz Balance Saver Offer

Some times we forget to renew our data plan and company charges huge amount for small data. They can charge up to 5 rupees for Just one MB. Yes that’s true. To get rid of that kind of situation dial *275# to activate balance saver. It will save your balance if you are out of any internet package. There are no any charges for this service.

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Terms and Conditions:

  • The amount of simultaneous users, time of day, distance from 2G, 3G, or 4G sites, sim, device, online pages accessed, and other variables will all affect how quickly an internet connection will really operate.
  • If you do not have a bundle subscription, the base rate, i.e. A 512 KB charging pulse will cost Rs. 5 per MB.
  • For all mobile internet bundles, an overage fee of Rs. 2.25/MB applies.
  • In places with 2G, 3G, or 4G networks, you can subscribe to and use internet offers.

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