Jazz International Roaming Charges & activation

Are you a jazz subscriber and locking for international roaming? And going to foreign countries for their work, trip, vocation and other reasons? Want any packages which connect you to your family and love?

In this article, we discuss all the jazz international service packages. Which offers you to get international minutes and connect with your love. The reason for writing this article is that mostly jazz subscribers request that they write detailed guidelines of prepaid & postpaid international service.

Jazz International Packages

Jazz is Pakistan’s fastest and largest telecommunications network working with mobilink. It provides prepaid and postpaid packages services. Amir Ibrahim is the CEO of jazz telecommunication from 2016.its launch many different and amazing packages for their customers. Here we discuss one type of package of jazz networks in detail.


Validity: lifetime

UAE Rates Rs. 3.57/15 sec(incl. tax)

KSA Rate  Rs. 2.38/ 15 sec

Unsub   *452*4#

 Check code   *452*2#

Jazz Pakistan network cellular present a special IDD offer for kingdom of united states of arabia & saudi arabia


Validity: lifetime

Rates Rs. 1.230Sec (incl. tax)

Unsub Code   *456*2*4#

 Check code   *456*2*2#

Jazz also bring an exclusive offer for their subscriber the most economical call rate of united kingdom (landline+Mobile)

456 offer (USA/CANADA/UK)

Validity: lifetime

Rates Rs.5.98/15Mins (incl. tax)

Dial 456 before number  

Now connect with you love in US, UK & Canada by enjoying slashed call rates by dialling 456 before you call number

Jazz PostPaid International services

Jazz also offers contact with their family, and here we discuss jazz 5 call rates to you destinations; USA, Canada, Australia, Singapore, and China. You can choose one from them 

FIVE INTERNATIONAL DESTINATION Calling rates for 5 destination

Offer Details

Validity 30Days

Sub Dial 777

Sub Fee Rs 50/100

5-Intl. Dest-1005-INtl. Dest-50
M Initial: Rs. 100M300: Rs. 50
m100 : Rs. 100M99: Rs. 50
M400:Rs. 100M1500: Rs. 50
m600:Rs.100M unlimited (Basic+Premium Rs. 50)
M900: Rs. 100Business Packages: Rs 50
J 300: Rs. 100
J 600: Rs. 100
J 99: Rs. 100


IDD DestinationsExisting Rate(per 60 secs)Discounted Rate (per 60 secs)
USA (L+M)PKR 1.90/-PKR 0.89/-
Canada (L+M)PKR 1.90/-PKR 0.89/-
Australia (L)PKR 2.45/-PKR 1.39/-
China (L+M)PKR 2.45/-PKR 1.39/-
Singapore (L+M)PKR 2.45/-PKR 1.39/-


9-Intl. Dest-1009-Intl. Dest-50
M Initial: Rs. 100M300: Rs. 50
M 100 Rs. 100M999: Rs. 50
M400: Rs. 100M Unlimited (Basic+Premium: Rs. 50)
M900: Rs. 100
M900: Rs. 100
J 300: Rs. 100
J 600:Rs. 100
J 99:Rs. 100

List of IDD Destinations for 9 International Destinations

IDD DestinationsExisting Rates (per 60 secs)Discounted Rate (per 60 sec)
France (L)Rs. 2.45/-Rs.1.39/
Germany (L)Rs. 2.45/-Rs.1.39/
Greece (L)Rs. 2.45/-Rs.1.39/
Ireland (L)Rs. 2.45/-Rs.1.39/
Italy (L)Rs. 2.45/-Rs.1.39/
NetherLands (L)Rs. 2.45/-Rs.1.39/
Portugal (L)Rs. 2.45/-Rs.1.39/
Switzerland (L)Rs. 2.45/-Rs.1.39/
United Kingdom (L)Rs. 1.90/-Rs. 0.89/


Does Jazz SIM work internationally?

Jazz also introduces simple data roaming bundles for you to travel across the world. Hajj in Saudi Arabia, vacation in Turkey or business trips all around the world.

Does international services work?

An international roaming all service allows subscribers to use their sim to enjoy voice, sms, and data while travelling outside the home country.

How to activate international roaming service from jazz world?

in this video all the process of activate international roaming service from jazz world

How do i Know if roaming is activated?

To check if international roaming is on or off is very simple

  • Open the Jazz world setting app on your device
  • Scroll down and click on the “mobile network” or “cellular” option..
  • Look for the “Data Roaming ” option.
  • Click on the “Data Roaming” option and now open the data roaming option
  • Now you can that the data roaming is “ON” or “OFF”

Final Though

Here we discuss all the international and best packages of jazz roaming if you want more then Click here. With help of these call packages you can contact your love, family, and friend during vocation, Hajj, & more on.

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