Zong Balance Saver Subscribe Code Charges Details

If you want to subscribe Zong Balance saver offer and looking for Zong balance save code and charges details you are at right place. All information for Zong Balance Save Offer is available. Zong is one of the most popular internet service provider cellular network of Pakistan. Although it came late in Pakistani market but still holds a large portion of revenue by offering some of the most affordable internet packages in Pakistan. 

Zong is mostly active in rural areas with its affordable internet packages. You can get 5GB data for 1 month in just 100 rupees. All companies have their own data plan but Zong is most favorite when it comes to data packages. Jazz is mostly ctive in urban areas. But now a days, its slow 3G 4G internet service is compelling the customers to look towards other competitors. Here Zong is quite a good option.

How To Subscribe Zong Balance Save Offer?

The code for Zong Balance saver offer is *4004*. This offer is valid for all prepaid customers. This service is free. It should be free as Jazz Balance saver offer is also free service to save you balance when you are out of data package.

Why to use Zong Balancer Saver Offer?

Zong balance saver offer is useful when you are out of data package. It will stop internet usage on your device and you will not consume you balance. But if you don’t subscribe this offer, they can charge up to 5 rupees per MB. That’s very high rate. So save your balance and subscribe Zong balance saver offer now.

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