Telenor whatsapp packages daily, weekly, and monthly

Jazz Daily, Weekly and Monthly WhatsApp Packages [2024]

We’ll explore each of the Jazz WhatsApp packages in this post, giving you comprehensive details to assist you in selecting the plan that best meets your communication requirements.

Jazz Daily WhatsApp packages

These packages are ideal for people who need to use WhatsApp occasionally and don’t want to commit to a long-term plan.

Jazz WhatsApp packages 2024 – Daily, Weekly, & Monthly

Daily WhatsApp and SMS bundle

Package NameJazz Daily Whatsapp and SmS bundle
PriceRs: 10 (including taxes)
Mbs10 Mbs(Whatsapp only)
Subscription Code*334#
Status Check Code*334*2#

 Daily Youtube And Social Package

Package NameDaily Youtube And Social Package
PriceRs:27(including taxes)
Mbs1.5GB(Whatsapp, Facebook and Youtube)
Subscription Code*968#
Status Check Code*968*2#
Telenor whatsapp packages daily, weekly, and monthly
Telenor whatsapp packages daily, weekly, and monthly

Jazz Weekly WhatsApp package

Jazz Weekly package are ideal for users who use WhatsApp fairly regularly but don’t want to commits to a long term plan.

Status Check Code*101*2*07#
PriceRs: 34(including taxes)
Mbs25Mbs(Whatsapp only)

 Jazz Monthly WhatsApp packages

Jazz Monthly WhatsApp packages are Ideal for users who use WhatsApp regularly.

Jazz Monthly Social Plus

Package NameMonthly Social plus
Mbs10 GB(Whatsapp, Facebook and Tamasha)
Minutes300 Jazz minutes and 50 other network minutes
Status Check Code*617*2#

 Jazz Monthly WhatsApp Bundle

Package NameJazz Monthly Whatsapp Bundle
Mbs10GB(Whatsapp, Facebook and IMO)
SmS10000 sms(all networks)
Subscription Code*661#
Status Check Code*661*2#

Subscribe to Jazz WhatsApp packages

To subscribe to any of the packages above dial the subscription code provided in above tables and wait for confirmation message. Make sure you have enough balance before dialing the subscription code.

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