What is ImageView in Android Example code

Don you want to know about ImageView in Android? Lets discuss ImageView with an example to have better understanding of it. You also download the code to add imageView in your android app.

ImageView in Android

In Android, an ImageView is a view that is used to display an image. It is a subclass of the View class and is used to display images in applications. You can use an ImageView to display a drawable or bitmap, or to make the view act as a button by setting an OnClickListener on the ImageView object.

Example to Add ImageView in Android

Here is an example of how you can use an ImageView in your layout XML file:

You can also set the image programmatically in your Java or Kotlin code by using the setImageResource or setImageBitmap method of the ImageView object.

You can customize the appearance of an ImageView by setting various properties, such as the scale type, tint, and padding.

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